Durham Communications is a wireless communication system integration company, based in Mesa Arizona, which specializes in the provision of cost-effective, medium-sized systems to its clients. Targeting government agencies with limited budgets, the company is an expert in delivering reliable communication networks with lower overheads and licensing fees than some of the larger providers.

By establishing a strong network of quality suppliers, Durham Communications is able to offer its customers quick and efficient solutions to their communication needs. A long and successful relationship with a manufacturer of radio-control equipment for dispatch centers enables the company to supply state-of-the-art systems, which include digital network switches. This combination allows dispatch personnel to control and interact with field personnel through a user-friendly radio link. Widely used by police forces, ambulance control rooms and emergency services, it has widespread implications for the efficient management of other operations.

To enhance coverage, and as a support mechanism, repeater systems for both mobile (mounted in a vehicle) and hand-hand radios are an integral part of any dispatch operation. These systems may either be a simple, single-channel repeater providing local coverage or an enhanced, sophisticated system which consists of a number of repeaters on multiple frequencies situated at different sites, all linked and networked together. Networked systems will often use different formats to provide customers with extra features including "follow me roaming", an interconnecting telephone facility and wide area coverage.

Once a signal repeating system has been installed, it becomes necessary to introduce some kind of networked control device. Most often, these devices use a trunking format in order to be able to allow for the inclusion of additional features. Several enhanced analog trunking formats are currently available on the market with rich feature sets which are much more cost-effective than networked digital formats.

Many communication systems also need to have a voice security mechanism. Durham Communications provides a voice coding element for many popular mobile and hand-held radios which uses a specific set of complete digital rules to encode analog audio. By using analog transmission technology, network infrastructure does not need to be upgraded to pass digital signals. In addition, simulcast systems (simultaneous transmission on the same frequency from multiple sites) are often required to provide coverage in difficult terrain or high-density urban areas. The company is well equipped to provide simulcast systems, which overcome the common problem of limited channel availability..