Two-Way Radios

We offer a wide variety of two-way radios and accessories which include portables, mobiles, base stations, and repeaters. Our wide variety of manufacturers enables us to provide our customers with the type of unit that will work for their needs and at a cost they can afford.

Radio Systems

From one site analog repeater systems to multi-site P25 trunking systems, we offer a variety of different options in order to provide our customers with the adequate communications.

Mobile Data Systems

In addition to providing voice communication solutions, we also offer products that can provide a wide area coverage data network.

Dispatch Consoles

We offer dispatch console systems that can be tailored to the needs of the end user. These systems can vary in size from one position to hundreds with nearly unlimited interface options. In addition, we can also create a multi-site dispatch system.

Logging Recorders

Along with dispatch consoles, we also provide logging recorders of any size in order to keep accurate recordings of both analog and digital phone and radio conversations.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Having problems with communications in certain areas of your building? We offer solutions to increase coverage within any building for all types of communication systems.

Vehicle Communication Systems

From simple vehicle consoles to full public safety conversions, we provide equipment to meet your mobile communication needs.

Wireless Mesh Networks

Firetide, one of the industries leading mesh network manufactures, offers a wide variety of options in order to expand your wireless network to multiple locations.

Towers & Site Buildings

What is a radios system without the structures to support them. We offer a variety of solutions of towers, site buildings, and outdoor equipment cabinets.

Camera Systems

Security systems are a neccessity in any business today. Axis cameras paired with Video Insight camera recording software provides a robust, cost effective solution for video survellience.

Paging and Alert Systems

Paging systems are essential to providing a cost effective solution to alert remote facilities. We offer solutions that can be custom designed to meet the needs of the end user.

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