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Durham Communications, Inc.

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    Durham Communications, Inc.

    Public Safety Radio Communication System, Repair, Equipment, Sales, Service, Installation & Maintenance. Also Commercial/Utility/Corporate Solutions P25.

    We specialize in: Two-Way Radios, Radio Systems, Dispatch Consoles, Logging Recorders, Distributed Antenna Systems, Site Buildings, Paging and Alert Systems, & LMR. To learn more, visit: P25 Project 25, and FirstNet.

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    We install, service, and maintain what we sell. Installations worldwide.

    Public Safety Radios Offer Reliable Communications During Emergency Response Situations

    Public safety agencies include police, fire, and emergency medical services. Of course, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems enable responders to talk to one another.

    Federal, State and local agencies invested heavily in LMR systems. Communication towers and antennae, radio equipment, and related devices are manufactured by many corporations, providing installation, service, and maintenance.. As a result, there is significant infrastructure that supports LMR and mission critical communications. First responders are trained and experienced in LMR technologies and protocols. Its constant use has enabled responders to adapt the technology to a variety of scenarios, which has proved invaluable at keeping responders and the public safe.

    Over the years, public safety users have shared guidance, best practices, and lessons learned from using LMR technologies with the public safety community, increasing the reliability and resiliency of this technology in all situations.

    LMR technologies are a daily lifeline for police, fire, and EMS personnel. LMR is essential to response and needs continual care and maintenance to ensure it is operating effectively. For more information about LMR systems, see the Land Mobile Radio 101 document.

    Durham Communications provides Public Safety Radio equipment systems and solutions. We are Creative. Your communications needs in Southern Arizona, and worldwide, may include, LMR, two way and mobile radio. Call for a price quote today! Whether it is for dispatch, consoles, logging recorders, distributed antenna systems, repeaters for police, fire, ambulance, utility or installation, we can provide it all.

    Creative Communications was acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2019.

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