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Durham Communications, Inc.

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    Durham Communications Company Overview.

    Durham Communications, Inc. specializes in Public Safety Radio, Corporate and Utility wireless communications.

    In 1945 William Durham started DURHAM RADIO SERVICE, an AM radio (television came later) retail business in the small farming town of Mesa, Arizona. Since that time the electronics industry has gone through many evolutions as has Mesa and Durham Communications Inc. One of those evolutions was the increasing demand for 2-way radio. To meet that demand, Durham Communications Inc. has grown into one of the largest locally owned Wireless Communications companies in Arizona.

    John Durham joined his father William after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering from Arizona State University. John became General Manager and President of the corporation in 1985. John retired from the company in 2015.

    Brian Durham joined the company with a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Arizona State University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Brian became General Manager of the corporation in 2010 and President in 2015.

    The company has since grown to a peak of 26 people. The company is housed in its own 9000 square foot campus in northeast Mesa, Arizona. From this location we are supporting customers in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Canada, Indonesia, American Samoa and India.

    A sincere commitment to customer satisfaction has provided a solid foundation for our activities.

    PICTURED: Brian Durham and John Durham. Son and Father celebrating the latest renovated headquarters for Durham Communications in Gilbert, AZ. A family business since 1945.

    Past Projects

    Examples of some of the systems and services provided by Durham Communications Inc. include:


    Through our industry partner Harris, Durham is responsible for the implementation of the P25 statewide radio system for Arizona Public Service totaling 2650 portable radios, 1200 vehicle radios, 54 radio sites, 46000 miles of drive testing, 57 dispatch consoles, 98 control stations and multiple years of follow on support.

    McCarran Airport, Las Vegas

    Sale and Installation of 14 positions of IP based dispatch consoles and IP based logging recorder, ensuring 100% uptime during migration from their older T5 based dispatch system (also by Durham).

    City of Phoenix

    Durham brokered multiple sales of radios totaling 1621 units and 3.65 Million dollars to the city of Phoenix using our AZ state contracts. These orders were filled directly by our industry partner Tait.Sale of additional 145 units direct to DCI 11-2016.

    American Samoa

    Sale and installation of VHF 150 Mhz 5 channel 7 site IP based analog and P25 digital blended simulcast system including replacing the analog based dispatch console with a multisite IP based dispatch console and installation of 4.9 Ghz microwave backhaul between radio sites.

    All logistics and implementation provided by Durham Communications including overseas shipping and deployment involving multiple cargo containers and civil work.

    The system is used by Department of Public Safety in analog and P25 encrypted modes, Department of Homeland Security in analog and P25 clear mode, Fire, Port Authority and EMS in analog mode. Cross format interoperability is achieved via console interface and direct system control.

    Multiple levels of system redundancy are achieved with no single point of system failure and fallback operation in cases of backhaul outage. Full fleet replacement performed by DCI and Am Sam DPS.

    Island wide Mobile radio coverage increased from 55% using the old UHF system to 99% with new VHF system. Portable coverage increased from 40% to 70%.

    The microwave system was segregated into multiple VLANs to allow additional uses of backhaul including background checks for DPS.

    Managed civil improvements for site access road on Mt. Alava, at full DCI expense to allow improved deployment schedule.

    Local island based system support through maintenance period, with remote off island secondary support through DCI main office.

    Additional work for Homeland Security customizing multiple disaster response vehicles, coaching first responders and developing best practices for Tsunami communications response and emergency deployment.

    Additional work for Port Authority including expansion dispatch console, IP based streaming camera system, PA system and radio coverage extension to the Manu’a island group using cross channel repeaters.

    Additional work to furnish and install a 60 foot tower at the Leone police substation including overseas transport and local civil work management.

    Additional furnishing of multisite analog cross band voted system expansion for American Samoa Power Authority (no install).

    Additional furnishing of islandwide interoperability and infrastructure support gear including 40 kw generator, marine and aviation equipment, satellite communications and radio systems through Dept of Homeland Security (no install).

    Additional furnishing of P25 digital upgradeable analog radio system to Department of Public Works (no install).

    Additional furnishing and installation of solar powered standalone multisite cross channel repeater system for the American Samoa National Parks bridging the remote volcanic crater of Ta’u and the remote park in Olosega, backhauling to Mt. Alava on Tutuila, allowing park rangers in all three parks to interoperate.

    Additional furnishing of materials through our industry partner Dateline Exports for Department of Public Works, Am Sam Power Authority, Harbor Patrol and others (no install).

    State of New Mexico

    Furnish and install IP based dispatch console for Las Cruces based state patrol.

    Multiple sales of IP capable P25 repeaters for statewide replacement of existing systems totaling 288 units.

    Intel Corporation

    Durham has engineered an in-building antenna enhancement system for installation in the FAB 32 building. This system is designed to provide 99% coverage over 4 floors totaling over 770,000 square feet.

    Durham also engineered and installed the in building antenna system for FAB 42 and ancillary buildings, totaling over 1.7 million square feet. These systems utilize fiber based amplifiers and backhaul vs. the older RF based technology. The RF density at the campus could not accommodate any more RF based amplifiers.

    State of Arizona

    Sale of IP capable P25 repeaters for statewide replacement of existing systems totaling 54 units.

    Tait Radio

    Multiple subcontracted installation deployments for multistate radio systems primed by Tait Radio. DCI was responsible for logistics and personnel to install the system electronics at radio sites. Deployments were: Black Hills Power Authority (17 sites, 2 states), Marathon County Wisconsin (16 sites), Pacificorp Power Authority (24 sites, 5 states).

    Boing Flight Ops

    Sale and construction of IP based dispatch system bridging dispatch positions in Arizona and additional remote positions in Philadelphia allowing radio interoperability between locations. Used customer’s in house networking for backhaul. Designed custom serial interface to allow multifrequency remote control of military radios. Contact information available upon request.

    American Samoa Department of Public Safety

    Sale and installation of a 14 channel interoperability platform with associated construction and tower work to allow multiple departments on the island of American Samoa to communicate with each other. All logistics and implementation provided by Durham Communications including overseas shipping and deployment.

    City of Bisbee

    Sale and installation of IP based dispatch console system using both digital and analog interfaces to Tait series P25 RF stations. Included microwave backhaul and multisite IP based simulcasting of sites. Fleet updated with P25 radios and DES level encryption.

    LA City Fire Department

    Sale and installation of a highly customized 18 position radio dispatch console. Project involved System Design, Integration of multiple previously designed custom applications, Project Management, Installation and configuration. Durham Communications currently holds the Maintenance Contract for this system and is working on the details for system expansion.

    This system also utilizes a 120 channel ComLog voice logging recorder manufactured by CVDS.

    Cochise County, Arizona

    Durham engineered, sold, installed, and commissioned a 5 site 7 channel VHF simulcast radio system. The system is designed to support law enforcement and County Government communications throughout the County. The system has multiple levels of redundancy and failover protection as well as standalone stations throughout the county. The system was linked using 6 Ghz licensed microwave from the Sheriff Dispatch center in Bisbee, Arizona. This system was then expanded to 6 sites.

    Durham installed a 6 site UHF mobile data network to complement the main system including the vehicular mounted computers.

    Durham has since installed a digital P25 simulcast radio system at 3 sites in the county as well as added a sixth site to the VHF simulcast system.

    Durham also installed a 6 site analog simulcast channel with IP backhaul that is upgradeable to P25 digital to compliment the original analog based system.

    City of Page, Arizona

    Durham engineered, sold and installed a city wide FireTide Mesh network, encompassing the Airport, Waste Water Treatment, Fresh Water site, Rental Car and the Police Department. The system is running streaming video surveillance as well as providing wireless access to city entities throughout the city.

    Services Offered

    • Radio systems from DC to Daylight

    • Single or multi site analog systems

    • Single or multi site digital systems, both P25 and commercial digital

    • Single or multi site trunked radio systems

    • Simulcast and Multicast analog and digital radio systems.

    • Security Systems using Video, Access Control, etc.

    • Mobile Data systems for local government and law enforcement.

    • Microwave data systems from 450 Mhz to 24 GHz.

    • Dispatch consoles from 1 to 900+ channels and one position to 100+ positions.

    • Voice recording equipment from 1 to 500+ lines.

    • RF Management equipment, filtering, combining, multicoupling.

    • Site Management, Interference analysis, Coverage enhancement analysis.

    Do you need price quotes?

    Durham Communications can provide price quotes for all of your Public Safety Radio Equipment System requirements. We provide LMR-based solutions, sales, maintenance, and installation.